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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 More often than not, we give reasons why we can't...or shouldn't...or why we think it's impossible. I've decided that I'm sick of that language, frankly. I don't want to wait for someone to "approve" to give me the "go-ahead", to provide a certificate that gives the nation or world my credentials before I create. I don't want to wait for the right time or for the right amount of money to be saved up. I want to do and to be.
 There comes a time in your life where you look in the mirror and recognize that you have something to offer the world. You realize your self worth. I'm there. Is what I see perfect? Nope. Is there potential? Yep. Is the goal perfection or experience?
 For me, it's experience. My goal in life is not to be the girl I's to be the woman I respect. The one who continually grows through each circumstance. I don't wanna be stagnant water. It stinks. It makes things vile and corrupts. If I'm to be like water....I wanna be that crazy, out-of-control raging rapid with all the wild beauty it professes!
 I say this because I am giving birth. No, not another child...but new ideas! There have been far too many dreams and goals, ideas, thoughts, images and words that I need to purge from my brain. What good are they just sittin' in there? Sure, they need time to grow and mature before making their grand entrance into the world. However, to hold them captive just seems so wrong!
 This week marks the final commitment for myself and for my husband. We've decided that we are worth the risk. We've decided to invest in ourselves in lieu of always investing in other people. Not to say we will cease contributions both monetarily or physically with our time...but we have decided to take a little money of our own and invest in our own vision because we are worth it. Our lives are worth it. We don't want to watch life happen on TV, online or hear about other's living out their dreams. We want to invest in ourselves so we can realize our dreams and our own creative future.
 Our first major investment was the purchase of new equipment to produce written work, audio work and film work. Our second major investment was to dedicate our time, our money and part of this structure to create our first media office (There will be more to come if I have anything to say and do about it).
 This little refuge will provide opportunities. I'm convinced of it. Once the people are in and the doors are closed...ART TAKES FLIGHT! It will be living on every available medium; from books to film to podcast to radio dramas and the possibilities are endless!
 We have laid our ground work, our foundation, our principles and our mission on every surface. It in living and breathing in the concrete foundation to the walls we erected, to the mud that bound the drywall together, to the sub floor with our blessings prayed upon it, to our efforts at recycling and using materials in new ways; to the brick enhancements, the wood flooring, the paint that now defines the walls to the brushed nickel lighting fixtures that adorn the ceiling. Every inch of it has purpose and our hands have been all over it. We got dirty and we didn't wait for any help. We had the vision. We did the work. We see where this space will take us and we have committed to ourselves and to all of you
 So here's to our little media company. May you continue to grow and sell copies in the U.S. & U.K.! May you continue to set appointments to record pod casts and other fun endeavors! May our minds be fresh, our spirits in tune with one another and may we always have the mind set that WE CAN and WE WILL.

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